Do I Need To Proof?

Are you a professional artist or photographer? Then yes, you should be proofing pieces you are selling. You can certainly skip the proofing if you want. Sometimes prints look great the first try. But most of the time they’ll be too dark, or have too much contrast, or maybe that green doesn’t sit quite right with you. It’s important to proof to ensure your print is perceived as you intended your art to look.

You can learn all about proofing and what that entails on our Working With Us page under the Proofing tab. Everything you need to know to proof with us is there.

What does Print Ready mean, and why is it important when working with Craft Giclee?

Because we don’t have a photo editing component to our website, it is required that you know how to use, or hire someone who knows how to use, photo editing software. In particular, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. There are other great photo editing programs, but these are the two that we use extensively.

Because we service professionals, we do not like editing through website-based systems. We want TIFF’s or other large format images, especially for proofing. Those files are usually too big to efficiently manipulate online, and we prefer the editing be done in real image editing software that does not degrade the image.

You will need, at the very minimum, to resize and possibly crop your image. Especially when you’re reproducing original artwork, you may have to crop out the edge of the canvas or edit any number of things to make your image print ready. Please read what we have for you on the Working With Us page under the Print Ready tab. Your understanding of editing, resizing and cropping will ensure a successful turnout for you.

Will my print look exactly like the original?

In most cases it will be very close, sometimes even very hard to tell the difference. Our goal at Craft Giclee is to capture the original intent of the piece. Light, shadow, contrast or the lack there of, is very important to ensuring that the print is successful. That’s why proofing is a very important part of the process.

Due to variations in color, light and materials, there will always be a difference in what the final print looks like compared to the original. Please be sure to read and understand all the info on our Working With Us page to help inform you on the process and the outcome.

Can I store more than one address for drop shipping?

Sorry, at this time you can only save one shipping address in our system. So, you’ll need to enter each address individually.