We’ve gathered all the info here on how we work, and how best to work with us. This should answer most questions but if you find it doesn’t, please call or email us.

What We Do

Craft Giclee wants to be your digital fine art print partner. Our online system is designed to give you the highest quality archival print with the most reliable color and consistency possible, from anywhere. We stay away from gimmicky finishes and materials to stay focused on what you want: a beautiful, archival-quality print, every time.

To learn more about how to work with us, please explore the tabs on this page. Most questions should be answered for you. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also check out the FAQ for some quick info answers.

    • All of our papers and canvases are “Giclee” prints of the highest archival quality and have excellent color longevity. We offer a wide selection of print substrates, giving you many options for the final look of your digital fine art print.
    • Proofing is an important step in Craft Giclee’s process and we consider it a big deal.  Please read our “Color Proofing” information to learn why. Proofing services can be chosen on a per image basis through the individual substrate page.
    • Customer service is very important to us. We like to get to know our clients to better understand their styles and wishes, as this helps ensure the prints we craft for you are successful. We will quickly communicate with you if we see an issue before we print. We want you to be successful, so we can be too.

Craft Giclee exclusively uses Canon imagePROGRAF PRO printers with Pigment based LUCIA PRO Ink. You’ll need this information for Limited Edition Certificates.

What does Giclee mean?

Here at Craft Giclee, the word Giclee means an archival, digital fine art print. It means that we know the color longevity of each paper or canvas. Our digital fine art prints are made to last as long, if not longer, than most traditional photographic processes. We are focused on a quality end product, without compromise.

Giclée (/ʒiːˈkleɪ/ zhee-KLAY) is a neologism, ultimately derived from the French word gicleur, coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints made using inkjet printers.[1] The name was originally applied to fine art prints created on a modified Iris printer in a process invented in the late 1980s. It has since been used widely to mean any fine-art printing, usually archival, printed by inkjet. It is often used by artists, galleries, and print shops for their high quality printing, but is also used generically for art printing of any quality. - Wikipedia

Account Types

We offer three basic account types: one Retail and two Resale. Review the information below to determine which type of account works best for you.

Make sure you understand which account type is right for you! You can have more than one account, but all accounts are not right for everyone. Resale accounts require the proper paperwork submitted to Craft Giclee before they can be approved.

    • Retail Account – Choose this account if you’re retail a customer or a professional wanting to try our service. Sales tax is charged at checkout.
    • Resale – Taxable Account – This account is for working artists who are not registered with the state as a business. We must charge sales tax if you do not have a resale license in the State of Arizona.
    • Resale – Tax Exempt Account – For artists who are registered as retail businesses and who collect tax on their end. An AZ Resale Certificate (Form 5000A) must be submitted to us to be eligible to have sales tax waived for in-state artists. Out-of-state artists can choose this option if they are not doing business in the state of Arizona.

For our B2B accounts, approval is required. We only offer resale accounts to active, working professionals. You either need an Arizona business license, or an active link to your business or e-commerce website, show booth photos, or any online way to confirm your business intent. We do not offer resale accounts to retail customers. Resale accounts enjoy built in additional discounts to help bring down your over all costs, and other benefits to save you money!

Resale Account Payments – You will need to have a credit card on file when you have a Resale account. You can store your credit card online in your Craft Giclee account. We use the highest encrypted security available for the safety of your information. We will not charge your card until we have the final shipping amount for your order. We will charge your card as soon as we have that information, not when we ship. Usually the same day as your order. We do this to ensure accurate shipping. We will contact you after you sign up for a Resale account to get any additional info we might need, like a CVV code, etc.

Available Services Grid

Retail Resale - Taxable Resale - Tax Exempt
Quantity Discount Standard Standard Standard
Resale Discount Not Available 2.5% 5%
Additional Shipping Options No Yes Yes
More Payment Options No Yes Yes
Approval Required No Yes Yes
Tax Exempt No No Yes

Our Giclee Print Ordering Process

Ordering prints is as easy as choosing your substrate (canvas or paper) and selecting your option preferences. Just follow the steps described here:

Before You Order – Please read the “Get Print Ready” and “Color Proofing” information located on the left side of this page. This information is crucial to ensuring a successful print.


    • Select a paper or canvas to make your print on from the products listed under the “Order Giclee Prints” menu on the upper left side of any page.

Step 2:  UPLOAD.

    • After the image file is edited and ready to print, you can upload it in Step 1 on the product page of your chosen substrate. (If you’ve already ‘proofed’ your image and we have it on file, choose the “Already Have An Image On File With Craft Giclee?” box.)


    • Select details. There are various options depending on the substrate you are ordering. Please make sure you read and indicate the appropriate selection as each choice will have a direct effect on the total price of the print.
    • Add Notes (OPTIONAL) – Enter any details here, for yourself or for us.

Step 4:  ADD TO CART.  

    • Once the above steps are completed, click on “Add to Cart” to see your order’s subtotal cost and what discount your order qualifies for, if any. For more detail regarding pricing, please see the “Giclee Print Pricing” tab on the left side menu.

Step 5:  CHECKOUT. 

    • As there are various shipping options, the final price will adjust according to your shipping choice. Orders can be mailed as a drop shipment, sent directly to your location, or picked up in either our Scottsdale or Tempe store location.
    • Options to pay for your order include check or credit card. Orders paid for by check will not be processed until the check is received.

Giclee Print Pricing

Standard sized print prices are below. Pricing for custom sizes can be found by entering your size on the individual paper or canvas page.  Final costs will show after all options have been selected and your order is added to the cart. Quantity discounts only show in the cart.

How Discounts Work

Standard discounts are applied at various quantity levels. See chart below.

In order to offer you the best discounts possible we require prints be on the same substrate, but they can be any image and any size. For example, if you order three 8 x 10s, three 16 x 20s, and four 18 x 24s – all different images but on the same paper or canvas – you will receive the discount for 10 total prints.

Quantity Discount
3 to 4 Prints 10% Off
5 to 6 Prints 15% Off
7 to 9 Prints 17.5% Off
10 to 14 Prints 20% Off
15 to 19 Prints 22.5% Off
20 to 24 Prints 25% Off
25 to 49 Prints 30% Off
50 to 99 Prints 35% Off
100 to 199 Prints 42.5% Off
200+ Prints 47.5% Off

Giclee Single Print Pricing Tables

Custom size print pricing can be found be going to your favorite substrate and entering all the option details.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Pricing - 5/8" Stretcher Bars

8 x 10 16 x 20 24 x 36 30 x 40 40 x 60
Fredrix Crystal Matte Canvas 51.26 91.14 173.02 218.94 358.55
Hahnemühle Metallic Canvas 61.52 109.36 207.62 262.73 430.62
Hahnemühle Photo Canvas 51.26 91.14 173.02 218.94 358.55

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Pricing - 3/4" Stretcher Bars

8 x 10 16 x 20 24 x 36 30 x 40 40 x 60
Fredrix Crystal Matte Canvas 55.87 99.83 188.57 238.62 391.10
Hahnemühle Metallic Canvas 67.05 119.19 226.28 286.34 469.32
Hahnemühle Photo Canvas 55.87 99.83 188.57 238.62 391.10

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Pricing - 1 1/2" Stretcher Bars

8 x 10 16 x 20 24 x 36 30 x 40 40 x 60
Fredrix Crystal Matte Canvas 57.60 102.40 194.40 246.00 403.20
Hahnemühle Metallic Canvas 69.12 122.88 233.28 295.20 483.84
Hahnemühle Photo Canvas 57.60 102.40 194.40 246.00 403.20

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Pricing - 2" Stretcher Bars

8 x 10 16 x 20 24 x 36 30 x 40 40 x 60
Fredrix Crystal Matte Canvas 66.82 118.78 225.50 285.36 246.71
Hahnemühle Metallic Canvas 81.56 145.00 275.27 348.34 570.93
Hahnemühle Photo Canvas 66.82 118.78 225.50 285.36 246.71

Rolled Canvas Pricing - does not include extra canvas for stretching

8 x 10 16 x 20 24 x 36 30 x 40 40 x 60
Fredrix Crystal Matte Canvas 24.00 58.88 101.09 135.60 216.00
Hahnemühle Metallic Canvas 28.80 70.66 121.31 162.72 259.20
Hahnemühle Photo Canvas 24.00 58.88 101.09 135.60 216.00

Hahnemühle Paper Pricing

8 x 10 16 x 20 24 x 36 30 x 40 40 x 60
Albrecht Dürer 12.40 35.20 67.39 90.00 170.40
Bamboo 12.40 35.20 67.39 90.00 170.40
FineArt Baryta 16.40 42.24 90.72 112.80 220.80
FineArt Pearl 16.40 42.24 90.72 112.80 220.80
German Etching 19.19 49.42 106.14 131.98 258.34
Museum Etching 19.19 49.42 106.14 131.98 258.34
Photo Glossy 12.40 35.20 67.39 90.00 170.40
Photo Rag 308 16.40 42.24 90.72 112.80 220.80
Photo Rag Baryta 16.40 42.24 90.72 112.80 220.80
Photo Rag Pearl 16.40 42.24 90.72 112.80 220.80
Photo Rag Satin 16.40 42.24 90.72 112.80 220.80
Photo Rag Ultra-Smooth 16.40 42.24 90.72 112.80 220.80
Torchon 12.40 35.20 67.39 90.00 170.40
William Turner 19.19 49.42 106.14 131.98 258.34

Breathing Color Paper Pricing

8 x 10 16 x 20 24 x 36 30 x 40 40 x 60
Signa Smooth 11.20 27.84 53.57 67.20 129.60
Vibrance Luster 11.20 27.84 53.57 67.20 129.60

Canson Infinity Paper Pricing

8 x 10 16 x 20 24 x 36 30 x 40 40 x 60
Arches Aquarelle 16.40 42.24 90.72 112.80 220.80

Moab Slickrock Paper Pricing

8 x 10 16 x 20 24 x 36 30 x 40 40 x 60
Metallic Pearl 12.40 35.20 67.39 90.00 170.40
Metallic Silver 12.40 35.20 67.39 90.00 170.40

Epson Paper Pricing

8 x 10 16 x 20 24 x 36 30 x 40 40 x 60
Cold Press Bright White 12.40 35.20 67.39 90.00 170.40

Artwork Digitization For Giclee Printing

Digitization is simply turning your painting or original artwork into a digital file which we use to print a Giclee. To create the digital file to be printed, you can either photograph or scan your original. If you’re a photographer or a digital artist, most likely you already have a digital file.

We do not offer in-house photography or scanning – We’ve found over the last 10 years that it is less expensive, and offers more flexibility to individual artists to work with their local professional. Our specialty is taking almost any good image and reproducing a print that will knock your socks off!

Photographing Original Artwork – Whether you are photographing your own work or you have hired a professional, the most important things to remember are:

    • Consistent Lighting – For a successful Giclee print, you want lighting to evenly cover your art.  Uneven lighting is to be avoided as it causes hot spots or shadows that will lighten or darken areas of what you are photographing in an undesirable way.
    • Camera Focus – While a number of things can be done to correct the color of a piece, there is not much that can be done if the camera is not in focus. Make sure the lens is at its clearest. (Most modern DSLR cameras have a zoom feature on the back panel to adjust in very small increments for the best possible focus.)
    • Image Size (Resolution) – Scan or photograph your image in the highest resolution possible. This will allow the most sizing options, especially when going for a larger size print as the higher the resolution, the clearer the final print will be.
    • Embedded Custom Camera ICC Color Profile – This step is not totally necessary, but makes color calibration and proofing easier. Your photographer can make a camera-specific color profile specific to the lighting situation of their studio to capture the most accurate color possible of your work. There are some equipment requirements. Here is an online tutorial for you or your photographer to review that explains the process: Matching Cameras with Custom Camera Profiles

Scanning Original Artwork Scanning can digitize your art, whether it is a painting, a work on paper or a transparency.  There are different types of scanners and you should be familiar with each type to procure the appropriate scanner to digitize your art.

    • Flatbed Scanners – Best for paintings and works on paper. There are commonly two types of flatbed scanners:  a “face-down” style, or a “floating bar”style; both have a “flat-bed” where the art sits while being scanned.  For high relief pieces, we recommend a “Cruse” scanner, a “floating-bar” style that moves a few inches away from the surface of the art. Cruse scanners are perfect for multi-media collage works.  
    • Drum ScannersIdeal for transparencies, these scanners are the shape of a drum. Transparencies are wet mounted inside the drum and spun at a high speed while the scanner captures the image data.

Digitizing Reflective ArtIf your piece has gold or silver leaf, iridescent or interference paints or inks, or any element with a reflective surface, please keep the following in mind for a successful Giclee print:

    • You Get What You See – If you do not see a glow or shine in the photo, you will not see a glow or shine in the print. If you wish to capture glow or shine, it is very important to use the proper digitization technique or machine to ensure you capture it in your digitization.
    • Photography needs light – The bigger the piece or the more reflective the surface is are factors that will require more lighting to obtain the desired look. An experienced photographer can help capture the correct reflections to ensure a good print. It is all about the angles, whether you are doing the photography yourself or hiring a professional.
    • Flatbed Scanners are good for capturing reflective qualities – A flatbed scanner has a consistent lighting position that allows the scan to capture the reflective qualities better. Some scanners will blow out the reflective quality if too bright or, conversely, will not show enough due to lower light levels.

As with everything, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Our Proofing Process

Accurate color is vital to the success of your print. You want to be sure your print looks its best each and every time you place an order, and that what your customer receives is exactly what they expect.

What is proofing? Whether you are local and sitting with us doing an in-person appointment, or are strictly using our proofing services through this website, you’ll be getting a small, color adjusted image printed on the target paper or canvas you choose. Your color specialist will be adjusting color, saturation, contrast and oh so much more to get your print to look as close to the original as possible. You will get to see EXACTLY what the finished print will look like, so there are no surprises.

You can order proofs online through our website using one of the two ways below, or give us a call to set up an local appointment at our Tempe Showroom.

To order online:
1) You can navigate to the “Order Proofs” tab on the “Order Giclee Prints” menu on the upper left of every page. Choose which paper(s) or canvas(es) you wish to proof on.
2) You also can click the link on any print substrate page to go directly to the associated proofing product.

To set up local proofing appointment:
Call us at (480) 663-3313 Monday through Friday 10 to 5 and we’ll find a time that works for you. Sessions are usually one to two hours long. We can usually proof 3 to 5 images an hour.


Navigate to our proofing products by clicking here.


Additional notes about proofing:

      • Proofing only needs to be done once per substrate. If you’re printing on more than one substrate, we highly recommend proofing on each paper or canvas. They all have a slightly different look, and if you care about nuance, then that’s the way to go.
      • You do not need to proof again when ordering a different size after your image has been proofed and approved. Please see our information about proportions on the “Get Ready to Print” tab – not all images will reduce/enlarge proportionately to another size. Please contact us if you have any questions.
      • When you’re happy with your print, we’ll keep a copy of the approved file and continue to use this file until you specify otherwise. That will ensure your prints looks EXACTLY the same every time.
Three Paper Proofs
$ 25-27.50 Three Proofs + 1/2 Hour Editing
Three (3) color proofs printed on the paper of your choice.
Three edited versions of your print, shipped to you. We use our best judgement when color editing, but also ask you to give us direction on what colors and areas are important to you.
After your proofs arrive, log in to your account and approve your choice.
You're now ready to place your print order using the Title of the file you just approved. USE EXACT FILE NAME.
Three Canvas Proofs
$ 30-32.50 Three Proofs + 1/2 Hour Editing
Three (3) color proofs printed on canvas, hand sprayed with your choice of UV Coating.
Three edited versions of your print, shipped to you. We use our best judgement when color editing, but also ask you to give us direction on what colors and areas are important to you.
After your proofs arrive, log in to your account and approve your choice.
You're now ready to place your print order using the Title of the file you just approved. USE EXACT FILE NAME.
Local Appointment
$ 100 Per Hour
Unlimited color proofs on professional proofing paper or canvas.
If you're interested in proofing locally, please contact us to setup an appointment.
We charge by the hour: half an hour to start, 15 minute increments after that.
Please call (480) 663-3313 with any questions.

Shipping & Print Production

Craft Giclee makes shipping easy and consistent.

For our Retail account customers, we offer table rate shipping that charges by the order total. Orders over $500 will require a custom quote.

For Resale accounts we do not charge for your order until we have final, accurate shipping costs. We will work with you to figure out the best packing and shipping choices to best serve you and your customers. We do require a credit card on file for Resale accounts. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Order production and shipping times vary by product and quantity.

    • Your estimated completion time will be added to your order page and order confirmation email after it is reviewed.
    • If you need an order by a certain date, please contact us and we’ll see if we can accommodate your desired time frame. Please note we may not be able to guarantee exact ship dates due to the nature of the product, current work load scheduled, and carrier delays. Rush charges may apply (if a rush order is even possible).
    • We use USPS and UPS for our standard shipping.
    • For expedited shipping, you can contact us for a custom quote. Depending on workload, this may not be available.
    • Orders over a certain amount or quantity will require a custom quote. We’ll personally take care of you!
    • Orders are shipped either rolled or flat, depending on multiple factors. We use our discretion to determine the best way to ship your order so that it arrives safely.

Craft Giclee Order Production Times:

Paper Proofs – Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days (Depending on quantity)

Canvas Proofs – Usually ships in 3 to 5 business days (Depending on quantity)

Paper Prints – Usually ships in 3 to 5 business days (Quantity of 50 or less, depending on size)

Rolled Canvas Prints – Usually ships in 4 to 7 business days (Quantity of 15 or less, depending on size)

Gallery Wrapped Canvas – Usually ships in 7 to 10 business days (Quantity of 10 or less, depending on size)

Retail Account - Rolled Canvas & Paper Print Shipping Costs

Cart Total Shipping Costs
Up To $35.00 $3.95
Up To $50.00 $7.95
Up To $100.00 $14.95
Up To $200.00 $19.95
Up To $400.00 $24.95
Up To $500.00 $49.95
Over $500.00 Custom Quote Provided

Retail Account - Gallery Wrap Shipping Costs

Cart Total Shipping Costs Additional Costs
Up To $30.00 $9.95
Up To $50.00 $17.95
Up To $100.00 $24.95
Up To $200.00 $29.95 +5% of Total
Up To $400.00 $49.95 +5% of Total
Up To $500.00 $74.95 +7.5% of Total
Over $500.00 Custom Quote Provided

Drop Shipping Program

We offer full service, white label drop shipping directly to your client. Craft Giclee covers all the bases when it comes to extending the reach of your art business. We do the work for you, ensuring a beautiful, professionally presented print every time.
    • Drop ship fee of 2.5% per order – Covers the handling and administration of your drop ship order.
    • White label shipping – Your package has our address and your company name as the sender.
    • Shipping Costs – For Resale accounts, shipping is figured and then added to your order after you place your order. We want to be as accurate as possible with costs. Once we have that exact amount, we then charge your card on file.
    • Limited edition print programs – We can tailor a signing (stamp), Certificate of Authenticity, and numbering system for your limited edition prints if you want us to drop ship your orders. We keep track of everything. Please contact us to find out more.

How to use the Drop Ship program at Craft Giclee:

    1. Add your products to the cart.
    2. Go to Check Out.
    3. Select “Drop-ship this order.” A fee of 2.5% is added to your order.
    4. Enter your client’s shipping address below your billing address. Each drop shipment is unique to the order and address; multiple drop shipments to different addresses must be entered individually.
    5. We professionally pack and ship using a label with your preferred business name and our shipping address.
    6. Your order will be updated with tracking once it is received on our end. Tracking information will be available through your Account page.